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Mealz - Cooking Classes offered in The Greater Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Granite Bay area region.
Prep Cook Training, Safety & Sanitation

Culinary Staples – Prep Cook Training Program

Training Instructor: Executive Chef, Dan Catanio
Former Graduate from the CIA Hyde Park NY

Program Title: Culinary Staples

Culinary Staples Course Outline 2017
Training available to our locals and our US Veterans in our community
Course description:
Culinary staples is a training program for the local residents and US Veterans.
The program is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of safety, sanitation and basic cooking and food prep skills that will allow persons that are unemployed and are looking for a change in their career.
This program will give them the confidence to apply for Food service kitchen prep cook jobs in the greater Sacramento area.
Culinary Staples consists of 5 individual learning modules. At the end of each module the participant will know how to prepare the task from each module efficiently and accurately to build their confidence in the particular skill topic. It is highly recommended that the participants complete all 5 Culinary Staple modules.
At the end of the modules the class participates will receive an award certificate.

After completing the Sanitation Course the participant will be directed to go on line for a test to receive their Food Handlers Card approved by the local County Health Department in your area.
A weekly schedule will be created and posted with the location, time, date and module topic being taught. There will a maximum of 25 students scheduled per class. The reason for only 25 students is that it will allow a closer Trainer student learning experience insuring quality class time instruction.
Class offerings
1st Day
Full day of instruction ServSafe Advance class plus Exam

2nd day Class instruction
Module #1 - Kitchen Safety & Sanitation
Module #2 Cleaning the Kitchen Equipment, break down and set-up / Organizing the storage areas.
Module #3 knife handling, to include sharping
Module #4 Mise en Place – Kitchen talk.
Module #5 - Vegetable cuts, sizes and examples of how to use them in recipes.

Other Culinary Staples - Cook Training Classes
Further CS Class offerings:

* Mother Sauces
* The sister Sauces ( deriving from Mother sauces)
* Cooking Italian
* Appetizers and canapé presentation
* Food Garnishes - Vegetable Flower making and more.
* Preparing Chicken three ways
* Asian Stir-fry - Pan fried rice
* Pasta Entrée alla carte
* Simple Desserts
* Creative Casseroles
* Cioppino - Paella - Jambalaya
* Simple quick desserts
* Delicious side dishes
* Plate presentations
* Alla carte appetizers - Beginning course
* Filipino Cooking -Adobo- Pancit - Sticky rice
* Sushi roll class - "California rolls"
* French classics
* A little taste of India - Chicken Tandoori
* American Regional * Several offerings.
* "Culinary Arts "Kid's Style" kids cooking class.
* Stocks,Broths & Soups
* Fresh Seafood Cooking Class
* Business Team Building Cooking classes
* Culinary Staples - Cooks training classes

Come join in the fun :)

* Make it a "Date" night cooking class
* Give it as gift to a family or friend
* Book a Corporate Team Building cooking class
* Book Chef Dan to come to your home or business for a cooking demonstration.

Contact number : 1-541-297-6033 or email Chef Dan at:

If your local television providers are Comcast or Surewest, you can watch Chef Dan Catanio and his "Oregon Bounty Cooking Band "; introduce his Oregon Bounty Cooking Shows... :)

Being aired on Roseville local community access television. Here are the scheduled times:

Comcast - Community Access Channel 18
Surewest - Community Access Channel 77

Saturday-2:00PM / Friday 5:00PM / Monday 9:30pm

Win a prize for guessing how many "Jelly beans are in the Chef Jar.

Answer a "Culinary trivia question to win a prize.

Fun in the Classroom Kitchen

My youngest student "Little Sophia" :)

Fun making Filipino Food !!!

More fun in the kitchen !

In the picture is Barbara - Adrian and Shirley. They are my friends from our Roseville Community Doggie park ! Barbara's pet dog is Mutley, Adrian's pet is Scout, and Shirly's pet, is Lady :) Wonderful people :) " Fun in the Kitchen"... :)

Students learn Kitchen Basics

Students learn at The Culinary Center the basic Culinary Foundation that gives them the confidence to work in a professional kitchen environment. They are rewarded a certificate of completion after each module.

Culinary staples Culinary Center in Sacramento California

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