Welcome to my Website. The above picture is in the Studio of ABC News Source 10 Sac & Company

My name is Chef Dan Catanio. Welcome to my Website. If you are looking for Chef reccommended Culinary products and you need to order items, click the Chef Dan's Amazon Kitchen tab at the top of this page. "Lets get Cookin"

In addition; I also teach private cooking lessons in our community, teaching a variety of International food preparations from many Countries such as; India, Italy, Spain, France, Asia and our American region. You can book a "Cooking" party with chef Dan for your Family members, friends or co-workers. My classes are not for a fundraiser however; I use the funds to purchase food products when I pay visits to local High School Culinary programs. As an example, I may do a demonstration on a sautéed center of the plate item, or show the students how a 6 item mystery basket presentation is creatively prepared. These day's; it is challenging for High School Culinary programs to have in their food budget extra money for these type of volunteered demonstrations so, I pay for it with Cooking class money. :) " Every little bit helps" Help me shape the future of these inspired Culinary High School Students ... " Keep on Cookin" America needs more "Great" Chefs ! Email Chef Dan at: wonderfulfood128@hotmail.com for details.

 The Waldorf Astoria Hilton Corp Hotel, The Rye New York Hilton, The Little Rock Hilton, The Hilton at the Club Pleasanton California.

In the ABC News channel 10 Kitchen with Host Mellissa Paul. Food is my "Passion" I enjoy working with Sac & Co Host and Friend Mellissa, I am the "Culinary Expert Executive Chef for ABC News Channel 10, Sacramento and Company. Let's get Cookin"......

Click on my picture with Melissa Paul to view one of my Sac & Co segments ! :)

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