Welcome to my. The above picture is in the Studio of ABC News Source 10 Sac & Company

My name is Chef Dan Catanio, and I'm a Research and Development Executive Chef for Compass North America the 6th largest Employer in the world, and the largest Food Service company in the world. We have over 500 thousand Team Members in our Compass family in the US & Canada. We are in 20 Countries all over the world.

There are many Sectors that are within our Compass Group, Wolf Gang Puck Catering, Bon Appetite, Chartwell to name a few.
Our Community Living Sector's is called Morrison & Bateman Community Living. I work as a R & D Executive Chef for Bateman Community creating a line of meals called; "Chef Inspired".

Take a gander at our Company website by clicking on the above picture to link on to the Compass website. "Learn about the Compass Family"... :)

In addition; I also teach private cooking lessons in our community, teaching a variety of International food preparations from many Countries such as; India, Italy, Spain, France, Asia and our American region. I 'm also the co-producer of a local 30 minute cooking show in Roseville California called, "Cooking with Chef Dan, aired on access community channel 18.

 The Waldorf Astoria Hilton Corp Hotel, The Rye New York Hilton, The Little Rock Hilton, The Hilton at the Club Pleasanton California.

In the ABC News channel 10 Kitchen with Host Mellissa Paul. Food is my "Passion" I enjoy working with Sac & Co Host and Friend Mellissa, I am the "Culinary Expert Executive Chef for ABC News Channel 10, Sacramento and Company. Let's get Cookin"......

Click on my picture with Mellissa Paul to view one of my Sac & Co segments ! :)


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